Why Consignment 1st...when I NEED IT SOLD®?
20+ years successes
Clean, safe convenient locations
Constant advertising on T.V., yellow pages, newspapers, direct mail, featured on HGTV, E and BRAVO
All items bar coded for accuracy
Prompt payments
Large enough to handle all of your needs
Pickup service available*
Major credit cards accepted (to increase purchase power for YOUR items)
Attract thousands of buyers per week
Sell 90% of consigned items within 90 days** Instant gratification...See it! Buy it! Take it Home.

If you're considering options other than Consignment 1st please consider these things first...
Does the customer have money on the day of your sale?
Can he locate the address if he shows at all?
How valuable is your time?
Have they sold "millions" of items like Consignment 1st has?
Will weather be a factor?
Do you really enjoy arguing/haggling?
How long have they been in business?

How do I get my items to you? -We have three easy ways to do that.
Drop In: Anyone may bring us up to 25 items any Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. between the hours of 10:00 - 6:00 for us to evaluate. No appt. is needed. We will price your items before you leave.
By Appt: If our "drop-in" hours don't fit your schedule we may be able to work by appt. on Mon.-Fri. or Sat.
Pickup*: We may pick up your items from your home/business for a predetermined fee. (The fee is deducted from your proceeds after your items sell.) *Restrictions on Pickups Do Apply.

Other Q & A's ?
How much do I get? You receive 60% of the consigned price for items valued $45 or more and 50% for items of lesser value.
How long do you keep my items on consignment? 90 days
Why so short a time? We average selling over 90% of items in 90-day period.
What happens if my item is broken? You're paid, just as if it sold. We self-insure our items.
What happens to any unsold items after 90 days? Any item valued at $10.00 or more may be picked up between the 91st-97th day of your contract. Items of lesser value may be donated to a local charity. You may have a receipt if you wish. Occasionally your item may be re-consigned for another period.
Do you have a market for "my type of items"? Probably yes. We sold used items for as much at $8,000, antiques for as much as $4,000 but we're intentionally eclectic by design.

Helpful Hints
Items need to be clean/polished...ready to sell
E-mail photos for an evaluation prior to bringing large pieces.
Give any information good or bad that might influence pricing. i.e.: "This crystal is Waterford" or "although
barely noticeable, the leg has been repaired."
Remember...we're on the same team.
*Restrictions Apply *

You handled our most valuable items with the utmost care, and we received even higher dividends than anticipated.
G.S., NBA Team Owner


  I asked you to price my beat up, old corner cupboard for at least $100.00. You said you thought it would bring $1,200.00. It did!! Wow! Thanks.
D.Y., Truck Driver